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Instant Death

Instant Death

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How many ways are there to die? So far we've counted 8,433,687 and still going! So we decided to put them down in a series for you to enjoy.

You can purchase this coffee as a one off or you can do the right thing and join our monthly subscription and then you'll never miss the limited edition art of each way to die on a highly detailed and collectable postcard that gets sent out each month with that coffee. 

October & November Editions - limited to just 500 each!

October shipping out Early November. 

November shipping out Mid November.

About the coffee 

This instant coffee is an all-day drinker with perfectly smooth notes and a well balanced body. We call it our blonde roast that goes great with milk or taste super good on black. However you drink it you can enjoy it the way you like! If you prefer it stronger then just add a little more to the cup and you have an even bigger caffeine kick!

We're giving you 100g (enough for 50 cups / 25 big gulp servings) which makes this coffee excellent value.

This coffee series is limited and while the coffee stays the same, the design will change every month. Be sure to join up as soon as you can if you don’t want to miss the artwork! Priority given to subscribers when numbers are low. 



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